Complete Stone Restoration

D.N.C. specializes in the complete restoration of all natural stones including Marble, Onyx, Travertine, & Limestone as well as all man-made / engineered stones such as Corian, Silestone & Dekton, to your desired finish.

With a relentless attention to detail, D.N.C. can remove all possible stains and scratches and return the natural luster and brilliance to your stone. Complete repair work can be carried out, followed by polishing before sealing the stone with an impregnating sealer to assist in the prevention of future staining.

With tailored processes D.N.C. has perfected the on site polishing of natural and engineered stone in controlled work environments, ensuring full protection to the exclusive luxury interiors within which we work.

This highly skilled work is carried out on site with minimal inconvenience and spectacular results.

Isolated Repair Work

For those emergency situations D.N.C’s specialist team are able to carry out isolated repairs to see you through to your next yard period:

  • Stain removal

  • Removal of etching

  • Repairing of cracks or chips

  • Removal of scratches and much much more

Silicone Joint Replacement

Using specialist silicone joint sealants for stone our team can remove the existing silicone where required, and apply replacement joint sealants to protect your stone.

Hygiene Cleans

In food preparation areas it is recommended that the stone undergoes bi-annual hygiene cleans. Our professional hygiene clean works to deep clean the stone before applying a new layer of impregnating sealer. 

Professional Stain Removal

From Red Wine to Rust our team are experienced at removing stains while protecting the stone from further damage. When locating a stain our recommendation is to take photos and seek a professional consultation before attempting to tackle it yourself.

Free Consultation

Whatever your requirements we are at your service, always happy to come on board and provide our expert advice and guidance. Consultations and itemised quote preparation are free of charge and with no obligation.

Retail of Stone Products

Check out our range of stone products which are available to purchase from any of our team members around the ports. 


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